Building Information

Energy Conservation


Fifth Third Center has earned Silver certification in LEED for Existing Building: Operations and Maintenance. This certification recognizes excellence in sustainability in ongoing building operations. Buildings must demonstrate through actual performance data that operational efficiencies are maximized and environmental impacts are minimized.  

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Improving the energy efficiency in places where we work, learn and play helps us save energy, save money, and mitigate the impact of global warming. Fifth Third Center has achieved the ENERGY STAR label for the 2017 year. 

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Normal hours of operations for HVAC is Monday through Friday 7:00am-6:00pm. If you require additional overtime for HVAC please contact the Management Office at 704-372-3857. If requesting HVAC outside of regular business hours (8am-5pm) please contact security at 704.375.9072.

Janitorial Services
  • These services are provided after building operating hours Monday through

  • All common areas, including restrooms are kept neat and clean throughout the
    day by uniformed day porters.

  • Nightly janitorial services for the building are provided Monday through Friday after building operating hours. These services include nightly trash removal, replacement of trash liners, vacuuming, dusting of furniture and window ledges, and cleaning of tile flooring surfaces.

  • Trash generated during the workday will be removed by the building janitorial service.  Trash items should be kept within the office. No items should be placed in the hallways, stairways or freight vestibules.

Some procedures not included in nightly cleaning are:

  • Cleaning personnel are instructed not to disturb paperwork or articles left on desks or furniture.

  • Special wall fabrics will not be cleaned unless specifically requested.

  • All trash not in trashcans should be clearly identified with trash stickers provided by the management office. Any questionable items will not be thrown away.

  • Computer equipment will not be cleaned.

  • The washing of dishes and the cleaning of refrigerators and microwaves in break rooms will not be done by the janitorial service.

Special cleaning requests should be made through the property 
management office.

Your moving company should remove trash items generated by your move-in, such as boxes, wall protection, pallets and packing materials. Old records and files should be purged prior to the move to save your company time and money.

Lost & Found

Any items turned into Fifth Third Center as lost will be held for a period of six months.  After this period, Building Management reserves the right to dispose of any item at their discretion. If you have lost or found any items please turn them into the Security Console or Management Office.


The Fifth Third Center has an extensive program in place for recycling aluminum, glass and plastic items. This program consists of blue recycling bins placed in each floor's break room which are emptied once a week. These bins are for recyclable items only.